Monday, April 2, 2012


I was talking with a friend this past weekend and she was saying she had a hard time crocheting ( not one of my favorite things to do and i have difficulty with it as well) . So from the conversation sprang an Idea
 This craft is a good one for learning to knit and sew.. As a kid I loved to finger knit. It was one of the first things my mom taught me to do. I would spend hours knitting one long string never knowing what my imagination would turn it into. Usually a snake ( how original) or a leash for a stuffed animal. But what ever it was i was proud to make it.
So all you need for this craft is

Finger knit a long string (approximately 2 meters). Take your needle and thread and start sewing . You need to start at one end of the string curl it and stitch. Keep On winding the string around stitching it together. VOILA a coaster.


Patti said...

AWESOME and I love the old fashion country look of the coasters as well..What a great way to use up old fiber....


Shelley said...

I would love to see instructions on finger knitting. This idea is so cute. Shelley

Unknown said...

Shelley if you look at the picture with the finger. All you have to do is pull the loop on your finger over the piece of yarn that you wrap around your finger. Pull down on the knitted part and repeat the steps until you get it as long as you like. I will post some pics on how to do it soon.. but it is very easy