Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Paper Easter baskets

Take a 6x6 piece of papaer


split it in thirds and draw triangles in the outer center pieces

then in the outer corner pieces split those into thirds

and just like the diagram mark of the 2 inner pieces

cut to look like this

fold pieces inward

cut 2 1 inch circles

fold one side in

then the other side

glue circle on

fold circle over and glue to hold in place do the same on opposite side

cut 2  piece 1/2 inch and 6 inch long

glue on

no do the other side

you can add anything on for decoration or instead of gluing the handles on you can use Brads like on the first picture so the handles will move


Marie said...

so cute Tonia!!

Unknown said...

thanks :)

Patti said...

OH MY STARS that is adorable..I am so making a bunch of those..

THANKS so much