Tuesday, June 18, 2013


- wooden hangers
- paper naapkins
- paint brushes
- paint
- mod podge

-you can paint the hanger if desired. ( let dry before next step)
- cut out the pieces of napkin you would like to use
- place the pieces if napkin where you like
-mod podge  it on
-let dry

Its a fun easy craft to do. With lots of endless ways to decorate. ENJOY.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Necklaces Wooden Pendants

  • String
  • wooden dowels
  • sharpies
  • Color the wooden dowels any which way you like. Draw something on hem or just write something on them
  • Put string through hole and ties together.
  • You have a necklace
So easy to do... Any age group. 
I picked up the wooden dowels at local thrift shop  but you can also get hem at any craft store.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


  •  Sharpie permanent marker
  • Any kind of  stones

  •  Just Write your favorite quotes , sayings, poems, song verses, bible texts onto the stone. And then display anywhere you like.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Charm Bracelet

- polymer clay
- chain
- clasp
- charm peg (jewelery section craft store)
- varnish
- Mold the polymer clay into what ever kind of design or shape you like
- place the charm peg thru it ( make sure that it is cut so it doesn't go through the charm)
- Bake charms at 300 for 15 minutes
- Let Cool
-Varnish the charms and let dry (they are small so it will not take long to dry)
- the chain wire is easy to pull apart and put together
-open a piece of chain and put the charm where you like
- do the same for the clasp.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Paper Easter baskets

Take a 6x6 piece of papaer


split it in thirds and draw triangles in the outer center pieces

then in the outer corner pieces split those into thirds

and just like the diagram mark of the 2 inner pieces

cut to look like this

fold pieces inward

cut 2 1 inch circles

fold one side in

then the other side

glue circle on

fold circle over and glue to hold in place do the same on opposite side

cut 2  piece 1/2 inch and 6 inch long

glue on

no do the other side

you can add anything on for decoration or instead of gluing the handles on you can use Brads like on the first picture so the handles will move

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


- wooden box (dollar store or craft store)
- black acrylic paint
- lace or ribbon
-modge podge

Paint the box. Inside as well if you desire. Let dry. Cut ribbon or lace the length of the box and modge podge it on. Let dry. You may want to put an extra layer of modge podge on if the material is still loose.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


- chalk board paint
- bowls (any size or shape)

I am going to have to admit that i did not come up with this idea. However in saying that i wish it was me who came up with this.  I received these as a Christmas gift from my sister in law . This was actually one of my favorite gifts i received this year. It was done in thoughtfulness and love.
So you take a bowl and paint the outside of it with chalk board paint. You may have to do a couple of coats paint. And that is it. These bowls will be well used. Even for kids parties you can used colored chalk to add a little fun.. For cleaning you have to wipe outside with a damp cloth and inside with soapy water. Not dishwasher friendly ..


                                                                WHAT YOU NEED:
                                                            - mason jar 
                                                            - coat hanger
                                                            - tea lights 
                                                            - string and or ribbon 

This craft only took minutes to do. It was to difficult to bend the coat hanger wire around the top of the jar. We ended up using Wire very similar to floral wire . It was much easier to bend. We wrapped the wire around the top of the jar twisting the ends and pushing it to the glass so the wire would not stick out. Then we took about a foot of the same wire. Bent it like a handle. we took the one end twisted it with the wire already on the jar and did the same with the other end. then we put the string on for decoration . You can use a ribbon to fancy it up or not put anything around it. A simple craft that anyone can do..

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


2013 how did you manage to sneak up on us so fast. I have to admit that 2012 was a busy year and I have been very neglectful of posting new crafts. I have decided that this will change this new year. New craft ideas will be posted at least once a month if not more. So keep an eye on this blog. I am hoping that whoever is following this will get the urge to craft and let there ideas and imagination flow. I wish all of you Gods blessings for this new year. ENJOY..

Friday, September 21, 2012


It has been a while since i have posted anything . Life has been busy but i thought it was time to put something up. This piece of wall are was so easy to do and the possibilities are endless. I chose a Paris but you can do what ever you would like
- a piece of canvas ( any size)
- acrylic  paint ( your color of choice for back ground) 
- photo copied or printed pictures ( you can go with colored  i went with black and white)
- modge podge

Paint the canvas the color you like. Let it dry.  Cut out the pictures that you have photocopied or printed out and decide how you would like to place them on your canvas. Once the canvas is dry place some modge podge on the back of each picture and glue onto canvas. After all pictures are in place go over the entire canvas with the modge podge ( you may want to do 2 coats ). Let dry.
And there you have a piece of wall art to hang up in your home