Friday, September 21, 2012


It has been a while since i have posted anything . Life has been busy but i thought it was time to put something up. This piece of wall are was so easy to do and the possibilities are endless. I chose a Paris but you can do what ever you would like
- a piece of canvas ( any size)
- acrylic  paint ( your color of choice for back ground) 
- photo copied or printed pictures ( you can go with colored  i went with black and white)
- modge podge

Paint the canvas the color you like. Let it dry.  Cut out the pictures that you have photocopied or printed out and decide how you would like to place them on your canvas. Once the canvas is dry place some modge podge on the back of each picture and glue onto canvas. After all pictures are in place go over the entire canvas with the modge podge ( you may want to do 2 coats ). Let dry.
And there you have a piece of wall art to hang up in your home

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