Thursday, January 10, 2013


                                                                WHAT YOU NEED:
                                                            - mason jar 
                                                            - coat hanger
                                                            - tea lights 
                                                            - string and or ribbon 

This craft only took minutes to do. It was to difficult to bend the coat hanger wire around the top of the jar. We ended up using Wire very similar to floral wire . It was much easier to bend. We wrapped the wire around the top of the jar twisting the ends and pushing it to the glass so the wire would not stick out. Then we took about a foot of the same wire. Bent it like a handle. we took the one end twisted it with the wire already on the jar and did the same with the other end. then we put the string on for decoration . You can use a ribbon to fancy it up or not put anything around it. A simple craft that anyone can do..

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