Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Well last night Erin and I had a craft night. I have been wanting to do this craft for a while. Firstly because it looked easy and quick to do. And secondly the end product looked good in the book. 
Supplies are things you should have around your home. 

-beer bottle
-glass beads ( dollar store )
- clear thread ( craft store or fabric store)
-old pair of tights ( not nylon it will rip easily)
- a small sewing needle.

Instructions are easy too.Put bottle inside foot of tights.Cut tights about inch from top of bottle. Tie tights in a knot. Cut off the extra bit of tights. Now you can thread your needle with the thread.And you can start sewing on the beads. Start at the base of bottle it is easiest. You can do anything. I covered the whole bottle  but you don't have too.. Erin did really nice design on her bottle. That picture will be posted shortly.
It is a very easy craft. However it is also very tedious. It takes a while to sew on the beads.. I would consider this a weekend project .

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