Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This I think would make a perfect gift for a person who sews. It was so easy to do. 
I did leave 3 items out of the picture for supplies
- glue gun
- card stock ( plain in color)
- paint brush 
- Material ( your choice)
- cotton filler
-paint ( your choice)
- picture frame
First you will have to trace the heart  with card stock.(cut out 2)  Use the heart you traced to cut out a piece of fabric. Make sure you cut the fabric heart a 1/2 inch bigger than the paper heart.  Glue cotton filler on one of the hearts. Make sure it is fluffy but not too fluffy. Place the cotton side of heart on fabric. Now glue fabric around the heart. Once that is done Glue the other heart on top of folded fabric.( fabric will be on oneside) Card stock on other. 
Now you can paint your frame. Use your imagination. Once the frame is dry you can put the fabric heart in the slot the picture goes. The tabs in the back will hold the heart in place. 
You can use any picture frame even a regular . 

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