Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photo boards.

These are photo boards. This is one of the projects that Erin and I and my sister Sophia did one night. All you need is Cork Board , Quilt filling, 1 meter of fabric ( your choice) and Ribbon (your choice) and a heavy duty stapler. Place quilt fabric over top of cork board. Place fabric over top of that. turn board over and staple fabric tightly to the back. Place ribbon in strips and staple tightly to back as well. Over lap ribbon. And it is finished. I did one for my son and one for my daughters room.. They don't put photos in it but their school work.


Estelle Visscher said...

Funny! I just made one for myself this week!! I tried staples, but that didn't work so well so I used a hot glue gun.

These looks great :)

Unknown said...

You have to use one of those carpenter staplers. They are stronger then your regular ones.. Hot Glue gun is great for that too.. But just realize you may have to glue it again after a while:)..Would love to see the one you made

Patti said...

I have made this as well...shapes are cool. Mom and I did HEARTS...BUT we put little hooks in them and made them to be a key holder...they are so sweet. GREAT JOB!!!