Thursday, March 1, 2012


Here is one Erin and I did for Christmas. A mutual friend of ours gave us the inspiration for this one. ( she will know who she is when she reads this)It was very easy to do. We used
3 Styrofoam  Balls
1 Ball of wool
Felt scraps ( for scarf and Hat)
a half a toilet paper roll for the top hat.
twigs for arms
buttons for eyes
Wire for mouth 
and a bead for the nose.
We cut the bottom of each foam ball. And the hot glued the wool around them. Then hot glued the balls on top of each other.The twigs we stuck in the side  and the rest we Hot glued on..We covered the toilet paper roll with felt to create the hat. and glued it on..   Again it was a lot of fun to do and easy to make.


Patti said...

Snowmen are amazing...I did one this Winter Break with socks and is adorable...

I can send you the how-to if you are interested..

Sophia said...

I love your snowman