Friday, March 2, 2012


This is a really simple craft to do.  You can Buy the rings at the dollar store as well as the clear stones. So here is what you need :
Adjustable Rings ( dollar store)
Clear Stones ( dollar store)
Paint Brush
MOD podge
And Elmers  Adhesive ( for metal wood glass)

Take a clear stone and draw a circle around it. Then draw what ever it is you want in the circle. ( you can also use a picture or fancy paper what ever you like) Then cut out the circle.
Put mod podge onto the flat side of the stone. Press the circle you cut out picture side onto the area covered with the mod podge. .( this will dry clear)
put a layer of mod podge over the back side of the paper as well . This will make it stick better to the stone. 
let dry for 10 minutes.
Now its time to use the Adhesive . Put the adhesive on the flat part of the ring. Press on to stone. You will have to leave it for an hour or 2. Then the adhesive will be dry and you will end up with theses rings..Fun for anyone to do...

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Patti said...

Wouldn't the kids love this...FRIENDSHIP RINGS takes on a whole new idea....